Handpresso спазва традицията за приготвяне на истинско еспресо с E.S.E кафе дози или мляно кафе. За да направите добро еспресо , ви трябват 7 грама финно смляно кафе, високо налягане (16 бара) и топла вода (92 ° C ) .

Качеството на  Handpresso се основава на уникална технология , специално разработена за висококачествено еспресо.

Докато всички домашни машини работят на базата на хидравлична помпа, Handpresso направи пробив чрез иновативен процес : разработихме уникален процес, при който се образува налягане от въздушен компресор, система за обръщане и патентована ергономичност.

Ето защо Handpresso е признат от големите играчи в света на кафето, независимо дали те са големи марки като Lavazza и illy кафе или специалисти : Terres de Café, Café Negril и Comptoirs Richard, или по-малки пекарни.

С иновативния си дизайн и внимателно подбрани материали, кафе машините Handpresso са много лесни за употреба. Те просто са най-компактните и енергийно ефективни еспресо машини, които някога са правени!

Вие сте свободни да се приготвите еспресо по ваш избор, като изберете E.S.E. дози или смляно кафе. С Handpresso, вкусовете на любимото ви мляно кафе, било то робуста, арабика или произволно избрано кафе, се разкриват по невероятен начин .

Където и да сте , можете да се наслаждавате на качествено еспресо с пълен аромат.


Handpresso… is the portable espresso…. And it’s a world of its own! With its portable espresso machines, Handpresso has coupled espresso quality to mobility. To make it possible now to drink a quality espresso wherever you are. Espresso anywhere !


Back to the very beginning…

It took hardly two years after ideation to launch the Handpresso Wild, an innovation breakthrough in terms of mobile espressos. With its portable espresso machines, Handpresso really revolutionized the espresso market and the inventor gave himself a treat. As a great espresso lover on the move, he wanted to be able to bring along his espresso machine. Going against the tide of the most famous brands, he was looking for simplicity and together with his R&D team, managed to reach a 16 bar-pressure manually. So as to prepare a tasty espresso up to par with the best espresso machines.


With the Handpresso Wild, officially launched in January 2008 at the Show in Milan, Handpresso has become the undisputed leader of the portable espresso. Matching its slogan ‘Espresso Anywhere’, Handpresso is used in all situations and throughout the world! Distributed in more than 50 countries, 300 000 Handpresso machines have already been sold in the world, making the users and the aficionados of the brand happy. As for its original and stylish design, it was noticed in France and abroad. Thus, the Handpresso won 7 famous International design prizes, among which IF 08 in Germany, l’Observeur 08 in France, Formland2008 in Denmark and Going Green 2009 in the US.



With Handpresso AUTO, the first espresso machine specifically designed for the automotive world, Handpresso makes a new revolution. Now car trips are punctuated by espresso breaks which become genuine moments of pleasure.



The Handpresso concept Innovation

Handpresso is constantly coming up with new solutions to enable you to drink a genuine espresso where it has never been done before.




Simplicity is at the core of the Handpresso concept. Simple in design, the Handpresso portable machines are also simple to use to make real espressos wherever you are.



The Handpresso coffee break is above expectations. Thanks to the 16 bar-pressure, Handpresso produces creamy top quality espressos wherever you like!



Handpresso lets you leave the office or the kitchen in order to enjoy a good espresso when travelling, during your leisure time, on weekends or on holiday.


A friendly experience The espresso break is a time of sharing that Handpresso has created for you indoor as well as outdoor, at home as elsewhere.

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