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CaraLoft | Weinsberg

CaraLoft | Weinsberg

Smart camping

Actually we would need a lot of more space to illustrate all the clever and smart advantages of the CaraLoft | Weinsberg. However, here are the most important highlights at a glance:

The extremely comfortable, easily adjustable lift bed has captured the market and that is the reason why you can have it now in five different layouts, for example the new TI 700 MXH. Two additional sleeping places, which vanish below the ceiling, so that you have plenty of space during the day, just for you. Further we have designed a compact TI 550 MH and a TI 700 MEH for you, as we are focussing on your individual demands. How do you like the solid wood edges at the kitchen surface and the convenient, swivelling table extension? As an additional icing on the cake, your new TI is topped off by a GRP roof as standard equipment to keep you in good mood even during rainy days.

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