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Pressure: 16 bars
Water reservoir: 50 ml
Size: 22 x 10 x 7 cm
Light weight : 480 g
Color: black
E.S.E. pods either/or ground espresso coffee
Under guarantee: 2 years


E.S.E espresso pods
Ground coffee

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THE 2-IN-1 ESPRESSO MACHINE Here is the latest of the portable espresso maker: Handpresso Wild Hybrid is using E.S.E pods either/or ground espresso coffee. Handpresso created a machine with the ultimate versatility. With the Handpresso Wild hybrid, you may vary the coffee experience as inspiration and weather dictates. Either you choose ground espresso coffee and become a barista or you insert the E.S.E. adapter and enjoy the E.S.E. pods’ ease of use. Not only is the Wild hybrid versatile, but the quality is still there! the Handpresso Wild hybrid is simple, light, elegant and compact. You bring it absolutely anywhere: in the office, on holiday, on weekends, while trekking or travelling. You generate a 16-bar pressure as with a bicycle pump, add hot water (from a kettle or a thermo flask), espresso coffee (ground coffee or E.S.E. pods), and prepare a high quality espresso! No battery, no electricity needed: just perfect for those who care for the planet!