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Our History

CAMPBG is the exclusive distributor of Knaus Tabbert Group and Trigano Group – CHAUSSON, Caravelair, Sterckeman for Bulgaria. Ве оffer new campers Knaus, Weinsberg, Chausson, Bavaria Camp and caravans Knaus, Tabbert, T @ B, Weinsberg, Wilk, service, warranty and after sales service. Here you can find the products of the largest distributors in Europe, for camping equipment and accessories for campers and caravans – Movera, Reimo, Berger, Sawiko by AL-KO, FIAMMA, dwtZelte.



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Camper or caravan?

For many people there is no difference between the camper and caravan. Small neatly houses on wheels. Yes, it is! But there are major differences. Let us tell you a little about life on the road.

Camper –  self-propelled motor-caravan, allowig simultaneous transport of people to move from place to place. Self-powered, with electricity and water at all times. Limitation in the maximum authorized mass a category for driving, maximum number of people, dimensions and access to major cities. Common problems when positioning in camp or in wild is the lack of transport then. Decision – scooter or bicycle.

Caravan – trailer for car with the comforts of home. Does not allow the transport of people, but with a suitable vehicle can carry up to 8 people and withdraw large caravan for the same number of people. Limitation of the maximum weight, need additional category to manage trailer to 3500 kg. Common problem is the lack of independent power supply with electricity and clean water and dirty water tank. There is discomfort when parking, but once positioned in the camping or wild place, you have a car for shopping or walks.

Payment methods


campbg accepts the following methods of payment:
* in cash
* by bank transfer (all bank fees for the transfer are paid by the remitter)
* by credit or debit card
Cancelling a booking and penalties:
campbg reserves the right to cancel a booking when:
* the driving licence or ID card has expired or would expire during the trip
* a security deposit has not been provided
* the hirer fails to meet the time limits for payment or submission of the required documents, or submits false or inaccurate documents
In these cases, the amounts paid by the hirer are non-refundable.
If the HIRER decides to end the trip of his/her accord, he/she may not claim a refund.
When the Hirer cancels a booking
If the HIRER cancels a booking, he/she has to pay the following penalties:
* up to 30 days prior to departure – 15%
* up to 22 days prior to departure – 20%
* up to 15 days prior to departure – 30%
* 10 days prior to departure – 50%
* 9 or fewer days prior to departure – 100%
The cancellation has to be made in person and in writing.

Where can we travel?

With our campers, you have the freedom to travel anywhere. The campers we offer are equipped with all facilities you are used to at home or expect from a luxury hotel. All models have a bathroom, toilet, fully autonomous kitchen with hobs and a fridge. All models are FIAT-based and are available in a wide range of chassis and engines. The various layout options offer a possibility for travel and sleeping of two to five people.


What customers say about us

Over 200 unforgettable adventures

  • Amazing journey, our camper “Best of 10” was very comfortable to trip to a big city like Milan, I recommend it … try it

    Niki, Sofia

    Niki, Sofia


  • Thanks for the good attitude and a wonderful opportunity to spend the Christmas holidays on wheels with campbg. We visited amazing places, very good road trip. Will necessarily repeat!

    Plamen, Sofia

    Plamen, Sofia

  • It was very nice to work together, great service and equipment, the brand new camper Sweet Garage was perfect!. Thank you CAMPBG, I hope that we’ll work together next year again…

    Ali, Turkey

    Ali, Turkey

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